Service outage

Major Incident DootDoot bot
29 minutes



Due to PayPal using wrong card bot was offline for approximately 29 minutes.

To expand on first sentence: I had 2 cards linked on paypal, old one i blocked since i lost it, and new one set as prefered. PayPal for some reason decided to use my old card that i was too lazy to unlink (fixed already) instead of my prefered method. Sadly i missed GalaxyGate emails about overdue payments which caused them to suspend my VPS.

I will or taken following steps to ensure this won’t repeat:

  • Set Gmail to mark every GalaxyGate message as important
  • Set IFTTT to recive additional notifications for emails from GalaxyGate that mention “Overdue”
  • Removed old card from PayPal
Aug 24th, 2019 04:35 CEST